Elevate online payment experience in every aspect
Our aim remains relevant as ever, as a solution to simplify payment, safe and above all, to deliver the seamless user experience.
Auto Recurring
Server to Server
Optimise by eGHL
Email Payment Link
Buy Now Button
Online to Offline
Promo Code Module
Batch Processing
Auto Recurring

Stay efficient by offering customers automated recurring payments.

Regular Basis Set up scheduled payments and automatically charge customers periodically and on time.
Get It Sorted Have access of everything - transaction details, billing cycle, recurrence settings and subscription activation, with real-time updates on the admin portal.
Specially Designed Whether for membership, courses, tuition fees, rentals, apps subscriptions, and more.
Server to Server

PCI Certified? Have greater control of payment page experience with direct server integration.

Data Integrity Further enhance your PCI environment, while we secure the communications between your customer.
Effective Management Manage and monitor activities from Perform Refunds, Voids, and Releases via eGHL merchant portal.
Safeguard Risk We ensure the highest security of transaction processing and protect your business against fraudulent losses.

Attract credit card holders to purchase with monthly instalments.

Flexible Choice Attract credit card holders to purchase with monthly instalments.
Full Checkout Once your customer agrees, merchants are paid in full and banks will collect funds from customers directly.
Sales Magnet Gain more customers with affordable way to indulge in their shopping pleasures.
Optimise by eGHL

Enrich customer payment experience with your business brand while we empower your PCI compliance.

Security Impression We ensure that you meet the industry’s security standards to host your own payment page with designated URL.
Simplified Process Maintain your branding and effortlessly capture customers’ details with enhanced UX.
Payment Flexibility Maintain your branding and effortlessly capture customers’ details with enhanced UX.
Email Payment Link

Easy way to send email invoices and collect multiple payments from customers simultaneously.

Unlimited Links Automatically generate thousands of email invoices with a few simple steps.
Multiple Medium Direct customers to payment page when you share payment link via email, social media or text messages. personalized, set reminder & deactivate EPL
Instant Payment Once customer click the link, they can choose payment options and complete transaction accordingly.
Buy Now Button

Shorten customers’ payment experience with a click-to-pay button in multiple platforms.

Frictionless Shorten customers’ payment experience with a click-to-pay button in multiple platforms.
Simple Steps Generate your buy-now-button easily to suit your needs – from emails to your landing page.
Profitable Strategy Run campaigns for immediate sales and start collecting click-away payments.
Online to Offline

Make spending online even easier for un-banking customers while they cash-in over the counter.

Customer Magnet Here's a practical convenience for those who have no credit/debit card or e-wallet ready account.
Accessibility Allow them to pay at strategic counterpoints such as convenience stores.
Instant Update And of course, real-time updates each time customer make a payment.

Expand your business beyond local market and accept payment from over 48 currencies.

Buyers' Trust Elevate customers’ confidence by paying local currency using credit cards or preferred banking.
Automated System Keep customers focused on purchasing with real-time currency conversion according to the bank rates.
Competitive Edge Supply the great demand of status-conscious international customers and increase brand visibility.
Promo Code Module

Draw the attention of card holders, e-wallet or online banking shoppers with promotional offers.

Unlimited Promo Code You can offer as many deals at once to encourage repeated purchases.
Maximise Acquisition Set promotional campaign strategies in order to sway new customers.
Diverse Payment Method Enable wider payment options to ensure the campaign pays off - both immediately and in the long run
Batch Processing

Get an effective way to process high volumes of credit card transactions in bulk, simultaneously.

Efficient Best solution for established businesses with existing large number of transactions and customer data.
Convenient Take the hassle out of long manual process of charging credit card holders individually. 
Complete Security Store and process sensitive credit card information securely, ensuring PCI compliance.

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