Sustainable Workforce and Community

We strive to create an inclusive culture to cultivate a sense of belonging in a diverse workforce. Initiatives were implemented to build a constructive relationship with our local communities and suppliers. By putting people at the heart of what we do, we aim to bring value to our stakeholders through effective engagement activities with our employees and communities.

Employee Diversity and Inclusivity

Our strength lies in the diversity of our nearly 1000-strong workforce which operates efficiently across six countries. Guided by the Group’s core values and Gender Diversity Policy, we remain committed to maintaining an inclusive and cohesive workforce.To reinforce a healthy and inclusive workplace culture, new employees are given a comprehensive diversity and inclusion training programme as part of their onboarding process. Discrimination training is also available to reinforce the message that harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated within the Group.

Employees are urged to report any instances of discrimination or harassment that they may encounter at work. Any reported concerns will be investigated and resolved as soon as possible by our Human Resources department. At GHL, there were no incidents of discrimination throughout the reporting period.

Conducive Workplace

A conducive work environment is crucial for a productive workforce. In FY2021, the Board approved the Labour & Human Rights Policy to strengthen our commitment to a fair and safe workplace. The policy is available on our corporate website and is communicated to all employees in English or Malay. In line with international labour standards, the policy addresses the following:

• Child Labour
• Forced Labour
• Minimum Wage and Benefits
• Working Hours
• Right to Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

Our initiative to maintain a motivated workforce extends beyond company policies. Virtual Coffee and Townhall sessions were conducted regularly to engage with employees. The sessions present employees an opportunity to discuss workplace conditions and to voice out any grievances to GHL’s management.

Additionally, we organised weekly Wellness Sessions to provide employees with advice on healthy life-style choices. We maintain strict compliance with the local labour regulations in countries where we operate. The Group assesses the risk of labour misconduct to be low due to the nature of the Fintech industry. No incidents of non-compliance with labour standards were reported in FY2021.

Employee Engagement in the 'New Normal'

In 2021, workplace safety took on a whole new meaning. We established a comprehensive policy and guideline to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Work-from-home arrangements were instituted, leveraging on the Group’s robust digital infrastructure and online solutions to safeguard the health of our workforce. In conjunction with International Workers Day, we distributed a total of 663 giftboxes to employees across the Group, which consisted of food items and delectables that promote healthy eating and lifestyle.

To boost the morale of GHL employees who experienced feelings of isolation during the trying times, our Human Resource (“HR”) department organised the GHL Wellness Month in September 2021. Capitalising on our digital communication system, engagement efforts were executed to focus on caring for the employees’ physical and mental well-being. Four virtual workshops were conducted over the course of this campaign, with a total of 173 participants from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand in attendance.

Talent Attraction and Retention

As a trustworthy employer that values our workforce, we endeavour to recruit, retain and remunerate our employees in a fair and equitable manner. In accordance with our Gender Diversity Policy, our recruitment and promotion processes promote equal pay for equal work regardless of the candidate’s gender, age, ethnicity, culture or socio-economic background. Meritocracy is emphasised when hiring employees for key positions. Guided by our Labour and Human Rights Policy, we provide fair remuneration to all employees in conformity with relevant local regulations on minimum wage. We also provide competitive employee benefits that differentiate our business from competitors.

Human Capital Development

To encourage lifelong learning and professional growth among our talent pool, soft skills and technical training programmes are facilitated based on consultations between management and employees as well as job requirements. Utilising GHL’s digital expertise, we ensure that our employees have access to quality content which would otherwise be limited in the new normal.

We maintained the High Potential (“HIPO”) programme established in FY2020 to identify and support the growth of potential staff for key leadership positions. All eligible employees in the Group receive year-end performance appraisal, and prospective individuals were selected based on their merit and initiative. The HIPO candidates undergo an accelerated development programme to prepare them for greater roles and responsibilities.

Supply Chain Management

Establishing proper supply chain management is crucial for a transparent assessment of our suppliers as well as alignment to our sustainability values. In 2021, the Group Procurement team ensured minimal disruption to GHL’s needs by continuously monitoring and planning for essential supplies as well as maintaining continuous engagement with our supply chain partners.

We regularly conduct supplier assessment of the Group’s product and service providers. For this purpose, we apply the GHL Standards, which look for competitive pricing, quality and compliance with regulations. Additional Service Level Agreements are applied for outsourced services. All criteria and expectations are appended in the contracts which must be acknowledged by the suppliers before they are awarded the contract.

To build a resilient supply chain, we support local suppliers which account for 95% of awarded contracts. The remaining 5% is accounted for by the payment terminals which are manufactured overseas.

Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR")

Our dedication to sustainability integration is strengthened through our joint efforts with fellow members of CAN to create an ecosystem for sustainable businesses. CAN focuses on advocacy for sustainability-related policies and the transfer of skills and knowledge through workshops sessions and collective commitments.

GHL exercises its corporate responsibility through collaboration with local non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) to address community needs. We have our flagship programme “Support Our Merchants & Care for Community” which is focused on raising donations to support GHL Merchants and local NGOs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The programme acts as CSR donation fund to purchase items from GHL-affiliated merchants who were affected by COVID-19. The donation fund also aims to alleviate the burden faced by NGOs, by providing daily essential items and electronic goods for charitable organisations through monetary and in-kind donations.

In addition to collaborating with NGOs, in FY2021 we contributed funds to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (“FRIM”) as part of our commitment to conserve our natural rainforest. Our staff members also participated in a treeplanting activity organised by FRIM.