Transforming Everyday

During the course of our business, GHL Systems Berhad has consistently impacted change to the way payment and transactions are handled across the region.

We proudly present our success stories:

Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM)

Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) provides micro financing to low-income clients in solidarity lending groups who traditionally lack access to banking related services, for example small enterprises and business start-ups in rural areas. In their existing market approach, AIM faced a number of challenges:

  • Inability to support large data processing volumes.
  • Manual reliance on performing data collection and consolidation.
  • Manual reliance for cash collection and cash delivery.
  • Non-existence communication network which caused long delays in accuracy of operational processes.
  • Cash pilferage and robbery.
  • Issues with borrowers.

GHL worked closely with AIM and its subsidiary, AIM Solutions, to understand their needs to go cashless. It resulted in an implementation of a complete cashless collection electronic payment infrastructure, whereby customers would be able to make regular loan repayments via MyDebit at 5,000 selected Service Centers (Kedai Sahabat) at GPRS enabled terminals nationwide. The project was awarded in April 2014 for the duration of 15 years and the PILOT deployment of POS terminals started in December 2014. 

Other than loan collection, these POS terminals are also equipped with e-pay Reload Business opportunity for Kedai Sahabat AIM.

The use of cashless collection electronic payments infrastructure is to provide accurate, up-to-date information on AIM’s customers and loans status, as well as other kinds of pertinent business intelligence. GHL’s Cashless Loan Collection Solution improves AIM’s operational productivity and efficiency by:

  • Minimising cash handling, balancing and reconciliation, thereby improving data accuracy.
  • Providing almost real-time transactions data update which reduces the period for information reaching the HQ, thereby improving organisational information flow.
  • Improving business intelligence quicker with more accurate access to information.
  • Providing centralised control over distributed operations through the management of online payment collection.

In 2015, when the project was launched, the total number of loan collection transactions was approximately 310,000, amounting to RM60 million. The number progressed in year 2016 with approximately 2.5 million transactions, totalling to RM400 million. As of August 2017, GHL has achieved 3.5 million in transactions amounting to RM600 million.


Firefly first engaged with eGHL in 2008, upon observing eGHL’s successful supporting role for AirAsia. The collaboration started by integrating the company’s credit card channel with Bank Islam, before integrating with the Firefly booking system, Openskies. Migration to the new system, Newskies by Navitairre, was carried out smoothly with successful execution and it received positive feedback from the company.

In 2014, eGHL assisted Firefly to connect all respective banks to the FPX channel. To date, integration has been achieved with AmBank, AMEX (SG), Bank  Islam, CIMB, Citibank, Maybank, Maybank (AMEX) and Alipay. In the near future, eGHL will also assist Firefly in integrating with channels that support Bitcoin and China's Union Pay.

The collaboration with eGHL has given Firefly significant integration time and cost savings in connecting directly with the acquiring bank of their choice. The fact that eGHL is based in Malaysia provides another plus point for Firefly, as there is no time zone difference to delay turnaround time.

In two years to come, eGHL’s mission is to expand across the key Southeast Asia markets covering Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore. The company aims to offer local acquiring for cross border merchants, thus enabling greater flexibility in terms of processing and settlement of currency is vital.

Starbucks PH
Rustan Coffee Corporation
(Starbucks Coffee Philippines)

With over 300 stores located nationwide, Starbucks is the undisputed No.1 coffee chain in the Philippines. When the world-famous chain decided to introduce a prepaid loyalty card programme in the market, GHL was selected to develop and deploy a reliable solution. The result – fastest growing mag-stripe loyalty, prepaid, reloadable card implementation in the Philippines, supported by GHL’s proprietary ePivotPoints System. 

The solution’s main front-end features include integrated terminals for load, sales, earning, and redemption of the Starbucks Card, as well as magnetic stripe cards which serve as issued tokens. Through the backing of GHL’s solutions, the Starbucks Card offers a wide range of convenient features and privileges such as over the counter and online loading, in-store payment tender, points collection for purchases and free item redemption during registration and birthdays. 

The programme proved to be a huge success, with over 3 million Starbucks mag-stripe issued nationwide, across 600 terminals.

Pfizer PH
Pfizer Philippines

Pfizer Philippines Sulit Patient Care Programme bears the distinction of being the country’s most successful pharma implemented loyalty card programme, with over 2,000 drugstore, hospital, and medical centre redemption partners. GHL played a key role in this successful programme, through deployment of Verifone POS terminals for the online processing of Pfizer Sulit Cards nationwide.  

On the front-end, the Verifone POS terminals functioned to handle real-time processing of Pfizer Sulit Card transactions which were carried out using magnetic stripe loyalty cards. This offered the benefits of real-time processing of discount availments, plus real-time validation of loyalty fixed limit availment programmes.

The entire programme saw 3million loyalty membership cards issued, with a reach of 2,900 terminals at selected locations nationwide.

Jollibee PH

Known as one of Philippine’s most esteemed names in the F&B industry, Jollibee has been the market leader of fast food in the nation for 32 years. Operating over 600 domestic stores and more than 50 international stores, the company is also credited with being the first Philippine fast food chain to break P1 billion in sales. 

As Jollibee continues to expand its frontiers for a new generation of customers, the company tasked GHL Philippines with designing the country’s first FlexiPurse prepaid loyalty system. Marketed in the form of the ‘Happyplus Card’, the system is touted as the most successful contactless prepaid loyalty solution in the market.

The solution is implemented via sale payment and top-up of prepaid cards on the front-end, allowing earning and redemption of points using contactless cards. With this, card holders can enjoy a greatly enhanced in-store experience such as e-Wallet loading, points earning, sale payment, and redemption.

In total, 6,892,000 contactless cards were issued for implementation across 2,000 terminals stationed nationwide.

Siam Commercial Bank

Success story for GHL Thailand is the provision of two customised solutions for Siam Commercial Bank - GHL netAccess W1000, as Switching Payment Network Equipment (Switching NAC), to support credit card transactions from EDC, as well as GHL netSentinel as a Network Management Software.

Collectively, these two solutions worked to enhance and support SCB’s business operations. SCB requires high performance, proven, and reliable Switching NAC products that comply with PCI-DSS certification, therefore GHL netAccess was able to fully support such requirements. Also, GHL netSentinel aided SCB in monitoring and managing payment transactions effectively, as well as providing intelligent information for SCB to carry out capacity planning, problem awareness, and preventive action. 

From end to end, the project was completed within two months and implemented across the entire country.

Optus AU

In Australia, GHL is proud to be the provider of NetAccess and NetAdmin/NetSentinel solutions for Optus, one of the country’s most prominent telecommunication companies.

The payment network was designed and implemented with scalability and resiliency in mind, along with enhancements performed to conform and support unique Australian payment messaging formats. Besides that, GHL Australia supplied ongoing maintenance, support, and licensing for Optus’ payment network to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted service.