Payment Acceptance Devices

Our Solution Services come with a range of Payment Acceptance Devices, available on a sale or rental basis.

Provides merchants and customers a safe yet convenient way to make mobile payments. The mPOS device can be easily connected via an audio interface or a Bluetooth function to a smartphone, tablet, or computer in order to transmit data and complete a transaction. mPOS enables a secure transaction and flexible payment method, supported by iOS, Android, and Windows.  

Contactless Readers (VersaRead VR-300)


Mainly used for accepting e-Wallets and Contactless Loyalty cards, this device works best with a merchant's POS Terminal or Retail POS. This way, it minimises and preserves merchant's investments. 


Enables merchants to electronically acquire each customer's signature by capturing it and producing a sales slip. Merchants are then able to store and retrieve their sales slip easily and cost effectively.