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Accepts payments from around the world
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Accept any type of payments
  • Including all major local and international e-Wallets, as well as card schemes.
Wider flexibility when it comes to accepting payments
  • Over 21,000 participating outlets
Accept any type of payments - cards, e-Wallets, and more
  • International e-Wallets (Alipay, WeChat Global) or local e-Wallets (Rabbit Line Pay, Thai QR Payment, Truemoney, Airpay) 
Accept these payments now!
    Installation process complete within two hours. Accept payments immediately. 
  • All-in-one solutions
    Activate payment services on the same POS terminal.
    Wireless terminal that lets you perform transactions anywhere in your store.
  • Always up-to-date
    Automatic integration whenever GHL adds in a new payment method.
GHL Services Other Bank and Payment Processors
Fair pricing
Instant set-up process
All-in-one solution (in-store, online, e-pay)
All payment options (e-Wallets and cards)
No minimum transaction amount
They believe in our services and solutions
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Accept all types of payment with GHL.
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