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Customer Success Stories
  • Nationwide Retail Payment Solution

    Long queues at the checkout lanes are never good for business. Two minutes is the maximum time that most customers will tolerate waiting without losing patience. Our partner in the retail industry understood the value of quick checkouts and worked with us to improve the process.

    The GHL Advantage

    Philippines’ Shoemart Corporation (SM), the largest retail chain department store in the country, revamped its queue management process in order to provide a superior customer experience. GHL Systems Philippines workeds closely with SM to understand their needs and to update their payment infrastructure into one that is robust, highly available and , scalable. Invisible to the end-customer, GHL deployed NetAccess(TM) Transaction W-1000 Routers to cater for redundant links and high-availability load, and to act asbalanced controllers connecting to SM’s various credit card acquiring banks.

    SM has two data centers located in Roxas and Makati that are about 15 km apart. These two communication hubs are linked redundantly by high-speed leased lines from two separate telecommunications providers. The data centres communicate with each other and the Banks using GHL’s netAccess(TM) Transaction Routers. The system is configured to share the load evenly between the two data centers so customers don’t face bottlenecks or delays at the counter. Also, if one data centre goes down, the transactions are handled by other.

    The Impact

    SM can now easily accept 13 different types of cards. These include; credit and debit payment cards, loyalty point collection, and the in-house SM Gift Cards. Today, the system handles over 30 different types of transactions with the option to add more over time. The system is perfectly scalable.

    SM constantly monitors the system using the NetAccess(TM) monitoring system, a tool that monitors the general health and loads of each server. The interface is easy to use, color-coded and graphical. A user will be able to know the overall state of the entire network at a glance.

    With the system always up and running, SM’s customers get served faster and customer experience improves continuously – no more long waiting.

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  • Banking Security Solutions With NetMatrix

    Security concerns are top of mind when it comes to electronic payments. Banks and regulators are focusing more and more on ensuring that customers’ personal and financial data are well protected and safe from fraudsters. While the move to chip-based cards (as opposed to magnetic stripe cards) has reduced fraud incidence, other forms of fraud, including wire-tapping frauds in the form of phantom terminals, host spoofing, replay attacks and card skimming, still exist. We at GHL understand these risks and have moved ahead in mitigating the risk even further.

    The GHL Advantage is a Terminal Line Encryption product that encrypts all data transmitted between the card reader and the bank. Even if the transactions are wiretapped, they would be unreadable because of the encryption. This implementation marked the first of its kind in the Philippines.

    NetMATRIX(TM) TLE has obtained the Common Criteria EAL 2 certification which is an internationally recognized security certification that addresses product functionality, development environment, documentation, and product testing measures. More specifically, the Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance process involves formal rigorous analysis and testing to examine security aspects of the product to confirm that the security product functions as claimed by the vendor.

    With such product credentials, NetMatrix has been used for years in several banks in the ASEAN region.

    The Impact

    There have been no reported cases of fraud involving the use of NetMATRIX in conjunction with chip-based cards since the implementation.

    For more information about NetMATRIX, click here.

  • Faster Access To Medical Treatment

    Getting insurance coverage during a medical emergency can sometimes be stressful. Some insurance companies still manually check claims which may entail a long waiting time for the patient. In some cases, member information could have been incorrectly provided which, in turn, limits the patient from availing what is due to him.

    The GHL Advantage

    GHL has partnered with a leading medical insurance company in the Philippines to significantly improve customer experience by automating the claiming process using Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals and magnetic stripe cards.

    With just a swipe of a card, the patient gets notified in seconds as to which medical treatment he can avail such as in-patient benefits, out-patient benefits, annual physical examination, emergency care and dental benefits. Also, as member information is updated automatically, it results in an even faster patient processing and a significant drop in error rates.

    GHL has developed a middleware that translates messages from the POS to the insurance company’s back-end systems. The middleware also handles multiple requests simultaneously and efficiently responds in seconds, even with hundreds of claim requests from patients all initiated at the same time.

    The Impact

    This automation has radically redefined the customer experiencein the medical industry. We helped deliver a significant competitive edge for our valued partner.

    GHL continues to provide more world-class end-to-end payment solutions for businesses nationwide – solutions that make your business more effective and efficient. To know more about us, visit

  • Cashless Payments For Faster Fast Food

    Fast food is a big industry in the Philippines and consumers are always on the look-out for outlets that offer good food, quickly. As the leading end-to-end payment services enabler, GHL Systems has brought in an innovative payment acceptance solution that has cut long queues and made fast food even faster. The solution also has unique loyalty features that keep customers coming back for more.

    The GHL Advantage

    GHL implemented the first Offline Contactless Payment and Loyalty Solution in the Philippine fast food industry. Called Flexipurse Solution, it is an electronic purse management and point-based loyalty program that enables merchants to define programs that automatically award loyalty points to be stored in the card. Pioneered with the largest fast food chain in the Philippines with over 1,300 stores nationwide, GHL enabled this market leader to create a more efficient process that enhanced the customer experience.

    These electronic purse smart cards can also earn loyalty points for every food purchase which may be used to purchase another meal.

    With smart chips on the card, there is no need to connect to a host via an online network. Data stored on the chip makes authentication and processing of the transaction faster. Customers merely tap their cards on to the GHL proprietary VersaRead(TM) VR-300 Contactless Reader. This high speed contactless reader uses the latest Contactless Radio Frequency Technology to read data from the card, transmit this data to a back-end loyalty system and then back to the terminal to proceed with the transaction. All this occurs in milliseconds.

    This payment solution is incorporated into two of GHL’s proprietary software systems: Flexipurse (for stored value) and PivotPoints (for loyalty).

    The Impact

    We helped our partner differentiate itself in the marketplace. Apart from improved customer experience and loyalty, our partner also benefited from the efficiency of our web-based management system. They can easily oversee the whole program whenever and wherever they are. Access to and management of loyalty rules, card and member profiles, merchant set-ups and inventory control can all be done remotely through the web.

    PivotPoints Loyalty Solution has countless applications suitable for any industry. For detailed information, visit

  • Mobile Payment Technology

    Mobile phones today do so much more than just make calls. With our partners in the Philippines, GHL created a payment solution that uses mobile phones in a way that goes beyond existing convention.

    The GHL Advantage

    A leading telecommunications company in the Philippines marketing a wide array of mobile services is currently working with GHL to transform mobile phones into virtual walletsthat will minimize handling of cash – a common dilemma among shoppers. GHL has implemented a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable mobile payment capabilities on modern smartphones such as iPhone, Blackberry, and soon with Android. Mobile phone users can easily download the NFC mobile application and register for a virtual wallet account. By simply tapping the NFC handset to NFC VersaRead™ VR-300 Contactless Reader installed at our partner merchants, this technology will provide fast transaction approval (in milliseconds) to customers. Indeed, an entirely state-of-the-art experience for mobile phone users.

    With GHL’s NFC ePurse Solution, the telecommunications company has access to features such as Member Management Module, Merchant Management Module,and Reporting Module among others through a web-based management system. The ePurse Solution also offers loyalty features, if needed.


    Our merchants can tap into that growing consumer comfort in termsof smartphone usage. This means better operational efficiency, and improved connectivity, communication and interaction with their consumers.

    For more info on GHL Systems payment solutions, visit

  • Strategic Payment Solution

    Technological products have the fastest turn-over in the market nowadays. There are constant upgrades you can’t resist, and sometimes even automatic. With this, investments on technological infrastructures that involve huge amount of money have become a dilemma among businesses alike.GHL Systems offers a flexible and convenient payment solution that creates an advantage for its partners.

    The GHL Advantage

    With business requirements constantly changing over time, GHL offers its clients a strategic payment model that will keep system infrastructures up-to-date while promoting cost efficiency to our partners.

    Trusted by a premier universal bank in the Philippines, GHL has brought back its client’s existingobsolete Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals, and has allowed their client to lease on GHL’s end-to-end payment solutions including POS terminals, Network Access Concentrators (NAC) and Terminal Line Encryption Systems (TLE). This lease involves the use of the said solutions for the client’s business operations; and provides installation, merchant orientation, corrective and remedial maintenance services, which are all subject to a monthly rental fee.

    GHL provides the client updated payment solutions that is more effective and cost efficient to their current business requirement. Leased new POS terminals are uploaded with new applications that cannot be installed on the client’s old POS terminals.


    With this shift in business strategy, it has lessened asset management challenges for the client and keeps them focus on their core business instead. The client pays by the month, and they get value every month.

    For more info on GHL Systems payment solutions, visit

  • GHL Turnkey Solutions

    Small and large businesses alike all have the same goal – to serve and satisfy their customers while generating profits on their investments. They resort to reward programs to strengthen customer relationship that will create more repeat business for the organization. At GHL, we make it our first priority to ensure acompetitive advantage for our partners through our world-class payment infrastructures, technologies and services.

    The GHL Advantage

    Turnkey solutions are important to businesses that needs a well-planned, well-executed reward program, but don’t have time or resource to manage the details – from concept development to back-end support. GHL offers its partners a secured, completely-managed and feature-rich Turnkey Solution for Loyalty Schemes.

    As the leading end-to-end payment solutions enabler in the Asia Pacific region, GHL provides the client a completeTurnkey Loyalty Solution package from access tokens to terminal maintenanceand from software development to back-end hosting. Our clients save a tremendous amount of time with one point of contact taking care of the design and the development of an attractive and effective loyalty system to offer their end consumers.

    GHL Turnkey Solution is a plug-and-play solution with scalability and adaptive features which can reflect the specific business requirements of our partners, while maximizing efficiency and minimizing financial cost. It can be configured based on the client’s loyalty scheme – point-based system, discounting system, or freebie system. It is easy to use with convenient reporting at hand.


    We know how important it is for businesses to create an engaging experience for their customers. Here at GHL, we have created world-class payment technologies that allow our partners to have a two-way, back-and-forth interaction and encourage continued patronage among their end customers.

    SM constantly monitors the system using the NetAccess(TM) monitoring system, a tool that monitors the general health and loads of each server. The interface is easy to use, color-coded and graphical. A user will be able to know the overall state of the entire network at a glance.Visit and GHL will help you realize your company vision.

  • All-In-One Payment Solution

    Queue management is a bigdeal in the Philippine retail industry. It has great effect on time, money and productivity of the whole organization when left unaddressed. GHL Systems has proven to be the leading payment solution provider that answers to that evolving need for an efficient business operation of one-stop shop retail merchants – both big and small.

    The GHL Advantage

    Competition in the retail industry is getting more and more intense among business players. As the trusted payment solution provider, GHL supports its partner in maintaining its position as the leading giant retail chain in the Philippines. GHL has helped improve the client’s payment infrastructure through the implementation of Single Point-Of-Sale (POS) Setup Payment Gateway at all of its stores nationwide.

    The objective of the project is to replace the client’s current POS terminals with more efficient ones that are able to accept card payments without having to be equipped with complex and costly payment terminals. Each cashier has been equipped with a single POS terminal (Sagem EFT 930W or Ingenico iCT 220) wherein multiple acquirers can utilize the same terminal.Single POS Setup eliminates clutter while still offering universal acceptance of different payment means and can even deliver a wide array of applications because of its flexibility and adaptability – ranging from credit card payments to loyalty programs.

    The setup allows the client to integrate the POS terminals to the cashier POS terminals. It also makes use of GHL NetAccess Payment Routers and N3Net POS Gateway that provide a reliable and secure nationwide network for transactions and data routing.


    GHL has provided the client space-saving payment terminalsunder a low cost asset management setup. The client continues to deliver the best value to its customer with a faster and smoother cashier operation while being cost efficient.

    GHL guarantees its partners to have effective and efficient payment solutions that will drive and grow their business further in the market.For more info on GHL Systems payment solutions, visit

  • POS Technology for Affordable Medicine

    Most Filipinos now recognize the importance of staying in good health condition. Regular doctor check-ups and taking prescribed medicines are some of the activities now common among the consumer market. Here at GHL, we have come to know our vital part in making a change in the world by connecting with our partners and using our expertise in innovating payment solutions to help a broad nation.

    The GHL Advantage

    A leading multinational pharmaceutical company committed to address needs in the medical community has partnered with GHL to help improve access to affordable medicine for Filipino patients nationwide.Together with drugstores, doctors and healthcare clinics with a total of 2,300 combined, our partner has created a nationwide program in the Philippines that allows access to innovative medical treatments and quality healthcare through special price discounts.

    GHL’s critical role in this effort is to provide an innovative payment solution setup using Point-Of-Sale (POS) technology. The client has leased the use of VeriFone VX 520 POS Terminals with loyalty program application wherein member cards are swiped to avail percentage discounts on specific medicines. This payment solution setup also uses GHL N3Net Network for a secure nationwide transaction routing network ensuring medical and patient data traffic is transmitted safely without any security risks.

    Not only do patients benefit from this loyalty payment solution, the healthcare professional community (i.e. doctors) also gains from this technological setup. It enables them to manage patient compliance with prescribed medical treatments in adequate amounts, appropriate dosage forms, and in the assured quality that their patients deserve.

    With the payment solution setup implemented, it also enables our partner to do proper and easy inventory management of their products in all drugstores and other merchants nationwide.


    GHL is committed to create stronger partnership with our clients and work together to establish cost effective end-to-end payment solutions wherein positive gains will be passed on to their end consumers. Visit and hear more of our successful stories.

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