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Customer Success Stories
  • Transaction Payment Acquirer (TPA)

    We are not only the leading third party acquirer but also the largest prepaid top-up network in Malaysia.

    Credit Card

    As part of our TPA Strategy, we are Third Party Acquirer for Touch N’ Go, CIMB – Bank, and Global Payments.

    Debit Card

    We are the largest non-bank acquirer of debit payment (Mydebit) in Malaysia. GHL is licensed by Malaysian Electronic Clearing Corporation Sdn Bhd (“MyClear”), a subsidiary of the Central Bank, to acquire merchants for MyDebit payments using EDC Terminals as well as via the Internet (FPX). Our transaction volume is over 23,000 via EDC Terminals, in excess of 650,000 transactions per year.

    Electronic Payment Services

    We are the market leader with over 20 million payment transactions nationwide, with RM270 Million in transaction value per month. We are the largest retail networks in Malaysia with over 23,000 Points of Sales (not including ATM/CDM). Services that we provide such as:

    * Pre-paid Reloads (Mobile, IDD, Online Gaming, etc)
    * Bill Payments (Telco, Utilities, etc)
    * eWallet Reload (TnG, MOLPoints, etc)


    With petrol stations located all over Malaysia and with a huge volume of credit/debit, diesel subsidy and loyalty card transactions going back and forth between its stations and its data centre daily, it is important for a retail petrol company to have a network solution that enables it to perform all of the above efficiently, securely and more importantly, cost-effectively.

    The GHL Advantage

    Boustead Petroleum Marketing (BHP) began operations in 1964 and has since established itself as one of the major fuel retail suppliers in Malaysia, with over 300 stations nationwide.

    Being a giant retail entity, BHP performs thousands of credit/debit card transactions daily. BHP also operates a loyalty card, as well as a diesel subsidy program – all of which require some form of telecommunication whenever a card transaction is performed.

    In order to accomplish this, BHP previously operated five regional (5) Network Access Control (NAC) points to connect all its stations to its host centre. However, this route incurred an exorbitant cost for BHP in terms of its monthly backbone operations and maintenance overheads. Furthermore, it couldn’t help solve the problem at several BHP stations which received little or no telco coverage.

    GHL proposed a network solution which included its award-winning NetAccess(TM) L-series payment networking devices and its Nationwide Intelligent Network N3Net(TM).

    Communication – GHL’s award-winning NetAccess(TM) L-series family of payment networking devices are merchant-level, LAN-optimised network transaction concentrators and routers that enable single or multi-lane merchants to be networked and to perform extremely cost-effective and efficient transactions routing from Electronic Data Capture (EDC) terminals to host.

    N3Net(TM) is a hosted, fully-EMV compliant and secure payment network service operated and hosted by GHL that provides nationwide coverage. N3Net(TM) provides high reliability, availability and security where encryption and authentication is built-in to ensure that data traffic is transmitted safely without any security risks. N3Net(TM) also provides the capability for multiple companies or financial institutions to perform inter-business transactions with each other without having to install additional infrastructure between them.

    GHL Data Centre – BHP’s transactions link to the GHL Data Centre via N3Net through a lease line. GHL’s Data Centre actually comprises two (2) data centres and is one of the first fully PCI-DSS certified data centres in Malaysia. A multiple internet service provider with high capacity lines, the GHL Data Centre’s PCI-DSS compliant status means that all of GHL’s clients enjoy only the very highest standards of card data protection.

    The Impact

    Partnering with GHL’s Network solution has enabled BHP to save substantial costs as it now doesn’t need to maintain and operate its costly NAC centres.

    With GHL’s L-series devices which transmit via GPRS, BHP can now connect to its stations with no telephone lines which are located in the remotest part of the country. The L-series with its SIM-enabled, multi-lane merchant capability has also helped BHP save considerably on telephone bills.

    With GHL as its trusted partner, BHP can now fuel the nation more efficiently, securely and cost-effectively.


    When a mall operator’s rental revenues are dependent on receiving accurate sales revenue data from its tenants, it is imperative to havea B2B sales data collection solutionwhichis automated, cost-effective and seamlessly POS-integrated.

    The GHL Advantage

    CapitaMalls Asia (CMA) is one of the largest listed shopping mall developer, owner and manager in Asia. It has interests in and manages a portfolio of 101 shopping malls across 52 cities in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan and India with a total property value of S$30.7 billion.

    As is the case with most mall and building operators, CMA’s lease contracts with its mall tenants are based on a sales revenue-linked variable rental model. Previously CMA relied on tenant own manually-submitted data which was neither effective nor the most desirable mode of data delivery. CMA wanted a lot more visibility, transparency and intelligence in its mall operations.

    GHL worked closely with CMA to understand their needs and proposed a POS-integrated Data Collection Solution employing GHL’s API and POS Software Integration Services, award-winning NetAccess(TM) L-series payment networking devices and Sentinel(TM) Network Management.

    Integration – GHL provided itsproprietary API & POS software platform that facilitated the integration of the tenants’ retail desktop devices such as EDC terminals, POS/Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) and communication devices in order that all cash and card-based transaction information (including Sale, Refunds, Void Sale/Refund and Settlement) can be captured and routed through the communication channel.

    Communication – GHL’s award-winning NetAccess(TM) L-series family of payment networking devices are merchant-level, LAN-optimised network transaction concentrators and routers that enable single or multi-lane merchants to be networked and to perform extremely cost-effective and efficient transactions routing from EDC terminals/ECR to host.

    Sentinel(TM) Network Management – Remote 24/7 monitoring of the network enables the network to keep running smoothly at all times, detect any download failures and remedy the problem. GHL’s Network Management solution also included a consolidation host at GHL’s Data Centre (now fully PCI-PSS certified) where information from CMA’s five malls is consolidated prior to being routed to CMA.

    The Impact

    GHL’s Data Collection solution has been implemented and will soon be fully operational at Gurney Mall and The Mines Shopping Centre, withQueensbay Mall and Sungei Wang Plaza to follow very soon (this last portion can be periodically updated in the website).

    GHL’s Data Collection Solution now enables CMA to:


    AirAsia had a rebirth in 2001 as a low-fare, two-plane airline under the stewardship of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes – and hasn’t looked back since. Now the world’s most successful, largest and award-winning low-cost carrier owns 115 aircraft (with over 300 more under order) and operates scheduled domestic and international flights to over 400 destinations spanning 25 countries.

    The GHL Advantage

    With its rapid expansion AirAsia realised very early on that, in line with its low-fare, hassle-free business concept, it required a ticketless payment system to replace the traditional methods of flight bookings.

    AirAsia turned to GHL to build a high-speed, regional internet payment gateway that had to be connected to multiple banks and accepted multiple currencies. The solution had to be fast, efficient, secure and always-on in order to create savings which are then passed on to guests. And being AirAsia, the solution had to be cost-effective.

    GHL built AirAsia its award-winning* e-payment processing gateway known as NetTransact(TM). Its open integration and application platform enabled new payment technologies and applications to be integrated in step with AirAsia’s expanding business objectives.

    GHL’s award-winning NetTransact(TM) is able to accept and process transactions from multiple channels such as the Internet, traditional POS systems, IVR, SMS gateways, ATMs, mobile kiosks, as well as various payment modes from credit or debit card, EFT, cash and e-purse.

    The Impact

    Within a year of implementing the online sales facility, AirAsia’s internet sales saw amazing growth to comprise over 40% of total sales in 2003.

    Today AirAsia’s payment gateway handles well over 1 million internet transactions every month on its Malaysian website alone.In 2011, AirAsia flew 30 million passengers, chalked a net profit of RM564mil on the back of RM4.7bil revenue.

    Key Benefits:

    Thanks to GHL, now everyone can fly.
    * NetTransact(TM) – Winner of Best Financial Applications, MSC MALAYSIA ASIA PACIFIC ICT AWARDS 2008


    Uses GHL L-350 payment router for its credit cards payment transactions

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