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NetMerchant Solutions Suite

Powerful, scalable and highly dependable enterprise payment processor.

Currently in use by many organizations in multiple vertical segments today, GHL Systems’ NetMerchant is a powerful, scalable and highly dependable enterprise payment processor. It processes huge amounts of payment transactions from various channels, including EDC terminals, POS machines, IVR servers to PC-based clients and channels them to the acquiring bank.

What is NetMerchant?

Real-time enterprise payment processor capable of handling credit/debit card payment transactions that processes
Manages on-line card authorization between merchants and banks
Functions as a ‘software version’ of the physical credit card EDC terminals
Designed to automate and streamline the operation of credit card payments processing for higher productivity and profitability

NetMerchant is also designed with value-added features:

Integration with merchants’ applications such as Call Centres, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, Electronic Cash Registers (ECR), E-Commerce web sites etc.

Programmable ability to generate recurring and scheduled payment transactions: monthly insurance premium payment, monthly cable television bills, easy payment / installment schemes, etc.

Sales transactions are therefore, processed extremely quickly providing a faster response time compared to traditional EDC terminals and other payment processors. NetMerchant is multi-threaded and is capable of handling above tens of thousands of transactions per hour per server to the bank. The built-in load-balancing component of NetMerchant further allows the creation of a server farm that provides a robust, scalable and reliable payment processing system for large volumes of transactions.