Desktop & LAN Integrator for Small, Medium & Large Merchants

The netAccess X-10 functions as a payment extender and integrator for small to medium-sized retail set-ups. One of the many advantages of netAccess X-10 is in its versatility- it features four RS232 ports, single USB, RS485 and TCP/IP ports. The X-10 enables the deployment of multiple payment devices due to the many RS232 ports. This reduces the need for individual converters, while supporting high speed networking with limited cost.

With netAccess X-10′s intelligent pattern matching routing, there is limited or minimal amount of re-development on the terminal side. Merchants can easily expand its system with multiple Network Extenders as the business grows. Integration could easily take place between the old and the new without any major impact on the current payment architecture. This has significantly reduced hardware and maintenance costs making the improved payment structure cost effective in the long run.